Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 98: A Day Full of Games

Maddie woke up in a great mood today. She slept in until 9 and was pleasant for a little while. However, she was defiant and testy for the first half of the day. Caleb was also a little defiant, but we got through the first part of the day and managed to have a great evening. 

Maddie loves the arcade area. She especially loves this truck machine. She's so cute when she climbs into it. I did a ton of laundry today while she ran all over playing games. She also ate goldfish and watched me fold clothes. Fun times! 
While we were having all that fun, Caleb was outside playing with a group of boys. He had the best time hanging out with them and playing frisbee. He hated to leave when it was time for dinner. 

We found a local Irish pub for dinner and enjoyed some burgers. They definitely hit the spot. Afterwards, we played in the pool and the hottub. 

Maddie loved walking up and down the steps and jumping up and down while she was in the water. Caleb was having a great time, too. He was in the deep end jumping and splashing around with other kids. 

Overall we had a great and relaxing day. We didn't do much, which is exactly what we needed. 

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