Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 92: Goodbye Sunshine

This morning began around 4:15. We woke up, placed the final items in our bags, and then checked out of our hotel. We took a taxi to the airport and checked in. Thankfully, the security there isn't as strict as the security in Warsaw. We were able to get through fairly quick. 

We grabbed a few crossiants and boarded the plane. We were delayed slightly due to a tractor stuck near or on the runway (thick accents=hard understandings) but we weren't too far behind schedule. We had a four hour layover in Milan so we had no where to be. 

Both kids slept on the first flight. The flight was a little over an hour so they were able to get some more rest. When we landed in Milan we got off, took a quick tour around our gate, and then found a seat. The kids played on their devices (thank goodness for free wifi). 
A Lego built cathedral. 
Maddie warmed up to both public and airplane bathrooms, so the flight back wasn't nearly as exciting with bathroom drama. She has adjusted so well to potty training on the go. 

We finally boarded our flight for Warsaw. We had to take a bus to our terminal, so we said goodbye to the sunshine at this point. The weather was in the 60s and we knew we were coming back to weather in the 30-40s. 

Maddie slept on the Warsaw flight and Caleb played his iPad. Our flight was 1 hour 45 minutes and both kids were great. We are truly blessed with such great kids who travel so well and adapt so easily. 
When we got home we ran errands, started laundry, and unpacked quite a bit. On the ride home it started to sleet. A huge difference from where we left.  
At bedtime, Maddie wanted to go up with Daniel to tuck Caleb in. She got in Caleb's bed and didn't want to leave. They cuddled, played, and loved on one another. It was pretty sweet. She pitched a fit when we brought her downstairs. She kept screaming "Geeduh" but finally calmed down. She was exhausted. She was quiet and asleep before 5 minutes passed. She has been quite the trooper. 
Pictures from flying out of Milan. 

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