Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 112: Daddy's Girl in Princess Shoes

This morning I flew solo with the morning routine. It took a lot more than I wanted to give but we all survived. To avoid crying (or cursing) I'll skip the details of the craziness that ensued. Instead, I'll whine about Maddie wanting nothing to do with me and everything to do with her daddy. 

Maddie had a pretty rough day. She woke up a little grumpy and clingy, but was great overall. She went to her teacher with no issues and kissed me goodbye. But, throughout the day she had a few accidents and she didn't sleep well. When Daniel and I got home she screamed, "Daddy" and ran to him. I asked for a hug and got her typical "no, no" response. She came around eventually, but she's been a mess and definitely all about her dad. She'll even say, "hey dad" to which he replies, "hey babe." They're so funny together. 

She was playing with my necklace so I asked her if she wanted to wear it. Her response was "yeah" and I placed it on her. She wore it around and played with it in her kitchen. She also microwaved it and drank it from a cup. 

During this play time Caleb was hard at work on his math homework and his journal via PowerPoint. He did a wonderful job on it. 

Caleb had a great day at school and has decided that he'd like to switch schools next year. So, we've started the process. Fingers crossed that it's an easy transition. His main reasons for switching were 1) the American is bigger and the bus is "way cooler" and 2) he would get to be uniform free. He's never had that, so he's thrilled. 

Caleb worked so hard on his PowerPoint and was so happy remembering all the fun things he did. We all had a blast and we can't wait to explore even more. 

Maddie finished the night by coming down for dinner in her princess shoes. Daniel said she insisted on walking down the stairs in them. She's such a hoot! During dinner she kept lifting her foot and looking at her shoes. She also likes the sound the heels make. 


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