Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 304: Fall in Warsaw

Daniel and I had originally taken this day off to take the family to Kraków, but they decided to see more of Warsaw since Kim hadn't seen as much. 

Daniel went in to work for a few hours and the rest of us met him for lunch. We found our way down to a popular burger place and afterwards we made our way to the tomb of the unknown soldier. This park is one of my favorites here in Warsaw. The yellow trees were perfect in color and the weather was sunny and in the 50s. Perfection! 
After this stop we made our way to Lazienki Park and visited Chopin and then made our way over to the water palace. 
I cannot get over how perfect the weather was. This was the best fall day for sure! 
We walked through all of this beauty and then made our way back to the house. I left with Rhonda and Kim to go pottery shopping and Daniel got Maddie from school and met Caleb off the bus. I found a new pattern shopping, so I was very happy! 
Caleb had fun dressing up as a nerd for school. He got to wear glasses and suspenders so he was as happy as a pig in mud! 

After pottery shopping we enjoyed a delicious Polish dinner consisting of: pierogis, potato pancakes, meat, soup, and bread! It was delicious and we had a great time. 

A live band started as we were finishing up, so we listened to the music and watched the kids dance. I would post a picture from dinner but whoever took it didn't share it with me. ;) 
We spent the rest of the evening playing cards and talking. It was great! 

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