Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 327: Sunday Catchup

This morning Daniel slept in for a little while.  Maddie was up and demanding grits sooner than I had hoped, but I made it downstairs where Caleb was at watching football games.  He informed me of the wins and losses as he typically does each Sunday, and I fixed my coffee and Maddie some grits.

We sat around for a little while and I tried to wake Daniel.  He was pretty out of it, so we let him rest as we caught up on some house chores.  When he got up, we got dressed and headed to Ikea.  We needed to run a few errands, so we made our way out of the door before the weather got too bad.

The weather overall is grey and wet.  It's been raining a lot and it's getting colder!  Today, it rained a little, but nothing too bad.  The high was in the high 30s, but it wasn't "that" cold compared to other temps we've experienced.

Once at Ikea, we made our way through the guided mazes and checked out various items.  We purchased a small table and a few dishes for Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday.  We are excited to host the Marines and some of our dear friends.

We finally made it to the end and stood in line where no one respected personal space.  Out of all the things that irk me, this one is near the top.  It's not just in Poland, but it's definitely pretty bad here.  We loaded the items into the car and then stopped at McDonald's for an early dinner.  We treated ourselves to icecream afterwards, which made it all even better.

When we got home we unloaded the car and I began organizing and packing up pottery to ship.  I had purchased a lot to send out as gifts, so I wrapped each piece, and then Daniel placed the items into the box and taped it up.  I had a lot to do, but thankfully, I was able to do the majority of the work tonight.  I needed to make room for dinner guests this week, so the table had to be cleared off!  I'm also against a mail deadline, so that may have been a helpful nudge.

After a long night, I finished up and made my way upstairs to bed.  I'm exhausted, and I'm hopeful tomorrow will turn out okay.  We shall see.  Goodnight all.

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