Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 306: Wilanow Palace and Packing Up

This morning we slept in as late as we could.  This was the last day for Kim and Rhonda, so we tried to make the most of it.  We enjoyed breakfast and then decided to make our way outside to one more location before they departed.

We began All Saints Day, by walking through Wilanow Palace. The weather was perfect.  We walked the grounds and took in all of the yellow leaves and enjoyed the fall air.  The leaves were falling around us and the water was so peaceful.  It is one of our favorite parks and it's definitely one of the most beautiful.  

We didn't get there until a little after lunchtime, so Maddie was very particular about certain things, especially when the camera came out.  For instance, I let her bring her pink bag from the car because she wanted it, and when I began to take pictures, she refused to let go of it.  Even without a nap though, she was great overall.

As I attempted photos of the kids, Maddie and Caleb posed, made faces, and threw leaves at one another.  They did a great job, and loved/hated the process.  I took some great photos, but I will have to post them later as they are on my camera, and I still have to make room on my computer for those photos.
Overall, this day was great.  We made it by the gas station on the way home and left with a hotdog for everyone.  Daniel and I then helped pack away pottery into carry on bags and also packed and weighed suitcases for the trip.  We are pros at packing and getting items in where they need to be, so this was both fun and easy for us.

We finished our night by playing cards.  We also talked about how crazy the last week or so had been with all of the traveling we did.  It was definitely a whirlwind, but one of the best trips we have taken!

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