Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 317: Back to Work

After our beloved day off, this morning came too fast. Daniel and I were up early to get ready for the day. Daniel then left early to do some training. 

Maddie woke up pretty early and played in the bedroom while I got everything in order. Caleb was up on time and got himself and his lunch ready. He then fixed his breakfast and relaxed for a little while before the bus arrived.

I took the bus to work so I'm thankful it wasn't too cold and the bus was not full. Once at work, I began crossing items off my to-do list that had built up over the week. 

Daniel came in around lunch, had a meeting, and then began working on a few things. He has an inspection next week so he's mostly preparing for that. I also took a Pilates class during lunch and got my butt kicked by the Amazing Lisa. It was a lot of fun and something I hope to do again soon. 

We left after a long day and made it home to see the kids earlier than planned. I gave Maddie a bath while Caleb showered and then I fixed dinner. Maddie devoured her food and Caleb ate okay. We then sat around and relaxed before bedtime. 
This is Maddie right after we got home. She loves doing tricks with her daddy. 

I took Maddie up for bed and Caleb stayed up a little longer before Daniel tucked him in. We had a great day but we were all pretty tired, so we are making it an early night. 


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