Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 322: Almost There.

This morning Maddie woke up with Daniel at 6 am. She proceeded to get up and demand she get ready. Once she had her clothes on, she brushed her teeth and whined to go downstairs. 

Daniel got dressed and I went down to fix her some grits. She inhaled them and then cried to go to school. It was 6:45am. I'm not sure they're even open at that time, so we vetoed that and continued to watch her. She's almost back to herself, but she still wasn't 100%. Her school was having a fieldtrip where they'd be gone all morning so I didn't want to risk her feeling bad while she was on a tour and walking all around. 

So, I stayed home with her for another day. She was a little more active today to include multiple tantrums. She got so upset that I wouldn't give her chocolate. How dare I? She also had fun playing with playdoh even though I made her sit in her high chair. 
Overall, the day was good. She took one long nap after lunch (1 cup of blueberries)  and woke up in a grouchy mood. She was not a happy camper in regards to anything. This is probably the worst she's been over the last few days. 
This was her hair when I took it down from her pigtails. 
Nap time!

Caleb made it home a little later and told me all about his day and how his class would participate in a secret Santa gift exchange closer to Christmas. He couldn't have been more happy. Overall he had a great day. 

This evening we enjoyed broccoli and cheese soup. It was the first time I had tried the recipe and Caleb said it was, "okay" as he ate a good bit of it. I'll take the "okays" and wins where I can get 'em. 
After Maddie devoured 2-3 more portions of blueberries, she made her way to the bathtub and Caleb tucked himself in. We've all had full days and I can't wait until the weekend arrives. 

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