Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 326: Thanksgiving with Friends

This morning we woke up and immediately began cooking the ham for my office's Thanksgiving lunch later on. The kids ate breakfast and then played a few games. 

Daniel began the mac and cheese casserole while I got Maddie dressed and then we took the ham out of the oven. Maddie decided to dress herself and played until we left the house. Maddie had an appointment to get her hair cut at 12, so everyone went so both kids could receive a haircut. 
Maddie didn't want any part of sitting in a chair or anything else for a haircut, so Maddie and I sat on the couch with a sticker book as our hairdresser cut her hair. While I sat with Maddie Daniel took Caleb across the street to his barber and he received a haircut he liked. He wanted to keep the top longer, so he did and got the rest cleaned up. Maddie only had a few centimeters trimmed, so not too much. 
We rushed back home afterwards and threw the mac and cheese into the oven along with the ham. We were running a little behind, but finally made it out the door and on our way to my boss' house for lunch. 

When we arrived I unloaded the kids and Daniel drove around for over 30 minutes looking for parking. He finally arrived with the food and we began setting up the table with food and everything else. 
This apple pie (not mine) was both amazing and ginormous. 

We had lunch and enjoyed hanging out with friends. The kids were fantastic and enjoyed making new friends. I had brought a basket of toys with various items, one included Maddie's babydoll. Another little girl tried to play with it and Maddie told her no and that it was hers. Maddie was informed by a friend that that wasn't nice and she should share. Maddie then replies in Polish, "to jest moje" which translates to "it's mine" in English. She was laughed at and then told just because you say it in Polish, doesn't make it right! This was definitely a highlight and something we chuckled at. 

When we got home it was time to eat again apparently, so Maddie had a cheese stick and more ham. When she finished that Daniel gave her a bath while I showered. I then laid down with her. It took her a long time to fall asleep, but when she did she was out for a little while before waking up again. 

I was exhausted so I was in bed a little before 9. Overall we had a great day and a great round one of Thanksgiving. 

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