Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 321: Another Day of Sickness

This morning Maddie woke up pretty groggy and out of it. She was feeling pretty warm, and refused to get up or get dressed, so I decided at that point she was staying home, which meant I was, too. 

Daniel hung out with us for a minute before going into work, so that was nice. During the time of Maddie waking up and making it downstairs, she ate a pack of grits and then fell asleep on my lap. She slept for an hour or so and then woke up acting a little groggy, but more like herself. 
I played with her hair, dolls, and anything else she placed in my lap. She watched Mickey Mouse on the tv and then curled back up on me to rest some more. Around lunchtime, she fell asleep and napped for a couple of hours. 
When she woke up she was pretty hungry, so she ate Ritz crackers and drank a good bit of water. She didn't last too long, and around 3, she curled back up on me and dozed off. She woke up to Caleb coming home around 4. She then asked where her daddy was and didn't like the "at work" answer she received. 

Caleb had a great day at school. He practiced his recorder a little more and did his afternoon chores. He was excited that his bus monitor was different today and it happened to be someone he knew. 

The kids got along okay overall, but Maddie was in full mom mode which meant she wanted me to hold her no matter what was going on. I attempted dinner, but between the fussing toddler and the meat not being all the way done, I gave up and prepared leftovers. Funny thing: Caleb loved it tonight, but hated it when I fixed it. Either he liked it this round or he was very hungry. Either way, I'll take it. 

Maddie opted for her Gerber ravioli dish. She only ate a couple of pieces and then drank a little more water. Overall, she drank a lot and didn't eat much. A little after 6 as Maddie and I laid on the couch, she pulled her cover up like she was going to sleep. She tossed and turned, and then vomited all over me. That was bloody fantastic (picture at the very end for those who want to see it). So, I got her over the bowl we had just for that and then cleaned up the mess. Once I had it all cleaned up I made my way upstairs to take a shower and give her a bath. 

Maddie seems to be feeling okay. Still not feeling herself, but better after throwing up. She will hopefully feel better tomorrow! 

Overall, we've had a great day, I just feel sad for miss priss. Goodnight all. 

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