Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 329: The Story of US

Caleb has been in an afternoon club each Wednesday called "The Story of US." It's a US history class and he has loved it. 

This afternoon, the kids all came together  and put on a play of the first Thanksgiving. Caleb was King Massiot and had a few funny speaking parts. He did a great job! The kids had fun and it was great to have him be a part of a class that teaches him US history on top of what he's already learning in school. 

Maddie came in with Daniel and she was too funny. She sat with me and before Caleb even started and she was begging for chips and then begging to go potty. 

Once the play ended we made our way to the cafeteria and enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast. I helped set some of the food out as the kids dove in. It was nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves and I'm happy we were a part of it. 

Afterwards, we went home and got the kids ready for bed. They had full days and really enjoyed themselves. This was definitely the highlight of our day. 

*due to no photos being allowed in the embassy lobby, I was unable to get any of Caleb. However, when the embassy posts them, I'll share them as well. Goodnight! 

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