Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 325: T. G. I. F.

This morning Daniel left early to get his boss to the airport. Daniel made it through the week and his inspection went well. Caleb got himself ready as I got Madison dressed and ready for the day. The kids ate breakfast and then made their way to school. This morning was much better in comparison to yesterday!

I made it to work and immediately began making lists and prioritizing. Today was one of the busiest I've seen. I took a break for lunch, and then got back to work to finish up a few tasks before going home to get the kiddos. 

When I arrived home, I picked Madison up from school and Caleb's bus arrived shortly after. Daniel and I then knocked out showers/baths, and then put away the clean laundry. We all have that one chair or item that collects clothing, which then turns into a mountain of clothes to put away. That's the fun we have on Friday nights!
We ordered pizza tonight and then enjoyed some free time. Caleb fell asleep reading a book and Maddie wasn't far behind him. 
We have an early Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow, so we'll have a full day! 


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