Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 300-303: Recovering from Italy

After our fun adventure to Italy, we were all beat! We got back to Warsaw that evening and I had a lot to do to get ready for work the next day. I got a few groceries, unpacked some suitcases, and collapsed. 

Tuesday morning came too fast. Rhonda and Kim were able to sleep in, but the kids had to get up and get ready for school while Daniel and I prepared for work. Fun times! 

Work was great overall but it's always hard getting back into the swing of things when you're coming off a vacation. During this Tuesday through Thursday timeframe, we knocked out our office chores and housework. Thankfully, Rhonda washed our clothes from the trip and Kim cooked dinner. Each night we were able to come home to both things being done which was fabulous! 

Kim and Rhonda enjoyed a walking tour of Old Town on Thursday and really got to take in the city themselves. On Wednesday, we introduced them to our favorite German restaurant. We got to share our favorite drink and meal from there and it was fantastic. I love schnitzel!

The kids adjusted well. They got right back in the swing of things with no problems at all. It was great!  We have truly been blessed with such great kids who have adapted to being excellent travelers. 

We played cards one of these nights and enjoyed each other's company. The days are limited at this point so we're trying to take in as much as possible! 

Also, Italy was great if you didn't get that from my posts. If you're going to Rome, I have the best recommendations for you! 
Maddie helped us prepare treat bags Wednesday night for both hers and Caleb's class. She may have taken a whole bag for herself. 
My Thursday morning walk to work. Cold and beautiful. 

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