Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 299: Ciao Italy

This morning we slept in a little bit and then ventured next door to get breakfast. We enjoyed scrambled eggs and cappuccino! 

After breakfast we did a bit more souvenir shopping and walked by the Trevi Fountain again. We purchased a photo that we liked and Caleb enjoyed getting a caricature done. 
We made it back to the apartment a little before two and finished packing up the final bit of our suitcases. We waited for our taxi and then made our way to the train station for our bus. It was madness, but we made it on. 

The bus was beyond hot. We thought it would be air conditioned because that was advertised, but there was a slightly cool breeze blowing from the vents. It was ridiculous but Maddie took a small nap and woke up once we arrived to the airport. 

We checked in earlier online, so we only had to check our bags. We were lucky as they took a few extra ones we had planned to carry on.  

We made it to the area by our gate and waited on our plane to arrive. We paid $2 extra per ticket to board first, so that was definitely worth it! 

We left Rome with temps in the 60-70 range only to get to Warsaw in the 40s. We got our luggage, purchased our bus tickets back to Warsaw and began the last few steps in our journey. 

Once we got to the house we got the suitcases put where they needed to be and I went to the grocery store. The house has bare bones when it comes to food, so I had to stock up just a little. 

While I was gone, Daniel got the kids squared away and ready for school tomorrow. We have to go to work, so it'll be a long Tuesday! 

We enjoyed Italy so much, but I'm sure everyone will enjoy the lighter day tomorrow. 

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