Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 284: Sunday Church and Pumpkin Patches

This morning we woke up and began getting ready for church.  We got everything we needed together and headed out the door.  We saw a lot of friends all around and then found our seats.  Caleb soon went back to children's church but Maddie wasn't interested.  Instead, she sat with us.  She was well behaved and enjoyed singing and praying.  

After church we headed home and ate lunch.  We then got ready and met our friends at the pumpkin patch.  We still hadn't picked out our pumpkins, so we embraced the cold and picked some out.  The sunshine was beautiful, but the wind was terrible.  Maddie got to see a ginormous bunny and a pig.  She also saw a sheep and some chickens.  

Maddie found her a baby pumpkin and Caleb picked out one, too.  Caleb mostly enjoyed the maze in the beginning and then the trampoline once the pumpkins were picked out.  Because it was so cold, we left after we picked everything out.  
This is a rabbit, folks. 

We came back home and Maddie took a long nap.  She was so tired and slept until 5.  We then ate dinner and got baths and things out of the way and watched a little football.  
Caleb also played with this thing throughout the day. 

I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow!  Goodnight! 

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