Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 279: Funny Faces and Early Bedtimes

This morning Maddie was up at 1:30am and up and down throughout the night. She slept pretty rough but woke up in a good mood. 

Caleb on the other hand woke up feeling pretty rough. He felt a little nauseous and rested as we got his lunch ready for him (no bacon sandwiches). 

We each went off to our own place and did our daily routines and then met back up around 4pm. I decided to give Maddie a bath before dinner so she could have a little more play time, and I wouldn't have to fight with her prior to bedtime. It worked out well and she managed to stay clean during dinner (hard not to with chicken and broccoli). 

Maddie and I then read many fairytales while Caleb showered and got his stuff ready for tomorrow. 

Daniel has an early day tomorrow so we all called it a night fairly early. Goodnight all. 

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