Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 297: Pompeii and Capri

This morning we left Rome early. We got a little mixed up in the train station, but finally found our way. We took the train from Rome to Naples. We then switched to a smaller and scarier train towards Pompeii. It was PACKED! I cannot express how crazy everyone was, but Daniel rode for at least 15 minutes with a backpack holding a baby in his face. It was super tight!  

When we arrived to Pompeii we got off the train and purchased tickets to walk through and explore Pompeii and to also have the audio headsets. I had no idea Pompeii was so large! We were in there forever (or so it seemed). 

The weather couldn't have been better. We were hot in the sunshine and definitely got our workout in. Maddie fell asleep on me so I was carrying her as I walked up and down numerous rocks. 
We saw a lot of the ruins and also found the exhibit where the bodies caught in the volcanic ash lie. Some of the bodies found from the Pompeii tragedy were put in cast form. The bodies were found and the plaster was poured, keeping the details of the deceased in tact. This was incredibly moving and sad. There was one cast with two small children. To imagine something so tragic is nearly impossible. 
After we found our way out of the maze called Pompeii, we boarded our raggedy train to Sorrento. We ate a sandwich on the way, and that was a challenge all in itself. When we got off at Sorrento, we only had two suitcases (praise the Lord). We were gracious enough to have found a solution with leaving them in Rome. We decided to walk from the train station to the ferry because it was approximately 5 minutes away. The 5 minutes included steep staircases down narrow walkways. 
Sorrento looked like an amazing little town but we were all done when we arrived. We wanted to get where we were going and unload everything. We finally made it to the port and purchased the first ticket leaving for Capri. We then boarded our ferry and loved that there wasn't many people on board with us. We were able to walk around and see the beautiful scenery. 
When we arrived to Capri we took the vehicular to the top. We found market square and then made our way to our hotel. 

We checked in and rested for about an hour as restaurants don't open until 7:30pm. We left around 7 to tour some of the city before enjoying the local cuisine. 
After dinner we ate some gelato and enjoyed a glass of wine at the hotel's bar area. Maddie made a new friend who was learning English, so they colored for a little while. We soon called it a night and planned for a late breakfast tomorrow. We get to turn the clocks back tonight so we get an extra hour of sleep! 


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