Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 288: UN Day

This morning I took Caleb to school and spent time talking to him as he cleaned out his desk and talked with his teacher. When we entered the hallway there were "I <3 Poland" bags on each locker. That was really cool and Caleb was so excited to receive one. 

I then went back done to the American table and began helping out where I could. Our theme was the "state fair" so each grade walked through the fair at some point and got lemonade, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and played a game to win a prize. The kids loved it! There was a pie judging contest, too!

Approximately 40 country tables were set up around the school, and we loved walking around visiting them all. I was able to walk around with Caleb at the end of my shift, and after we toured, I left for work. 

Daniel and one of the Marines came back later to help take stuff down. It was really something fun to be a part of. 

The evening I spent late at work due to an event we were hosting. It went well and we had quite the turn out! I made it home after 7, and found myself helping get Maddie ready for bed and staying out of Caleb's space so he could finish a project. He failed to mention it the first night, so his two day project turned into one. He finished it though and then he crashed. 

We had a great night and Maddie and I fell asleep on the couch. It's been quite the day! 

The state fair! 
Caleb's name in Korean. 
We visited Japan afterwards and got a cool orgami piece. 
The United Kingdom 

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