Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 278: Silly Monday!

This morning Maddie woke up around 6:30. She made it through the night without waking up and getting in our bed!! She snuggled with me and then Daniel for a few minutes and then demanded we "wake up." 

We got up, dressed, and made our way downstairs. We put together lunches for the day and both Caleb and Maddie ate cereal.   

The kids headed off to school and Daniel and I went to work. We each had a busy day filled with randomness, but Daniel's was better! He and another Marine got to go and sample the menu for the ball. Lucky for me, they brought back cake! 

When we got home Anna and the kids were playing in the driveway. Maddie did great throwing and catching the soccer ball with her. She was so happy to show us her skills. We then went inside and Ms. Anna went home. 

Daniel and I tag teamed dinner. He grilled meat as I cooked sides. We sat down later than planned to eat, but everything was great overall and no one starved. 

I gave Maddie a bath as Daniel cleaned up the kitchen. Once Maddie was ready for bed we went to brush her teeth. At that point, she turned into a monkey! She was swinging on the sink and laughing hysterically. 
She would also poke her belly out and then laugh. She was so funny!

Caleb had a great day at school and enjoyed his after school club (ultimate frisbee). He then played a math game with Daniel as part of his homework. He enjoyed that and did really well!

Overall, we had a great day and evening. Here's to Tuesday! Goodnight. 

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