Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 292: Gondolas in Venice

This morning we slept in just a bit and then found our way down various alleys taking in the beauty of Venice. We stumbled upon Saint Mark's Square and got a quick bite before we began our aimless wandering. 
We went down by  the water and also visited various vendor shops for souvenirs. It was a perfect day, with the sun shining and the weather hovering in the mid 60s. 
We decided to purchase a day pass for easy transportation and it would get us all around until we left the next day. The pass definitely came in handy. We began by taking the boat down to the Rialto Bridge and doing some shopping close by. The bridge was built in 1587, and continues to be a very popular tourist attraction. 
We decided to stop for lunch as soon as we got off. We had a delicious lunch of pizza, lasagne, and gelato. Gelato has been a delicious dessert after each meal so far.  

After lunch, we began our journey shopping.  We stumbled upon a family owned leather shop and spoke to the owner for quite a while. Daniel and I definitely found a few pieces we couldn't live without, and Rhonda and I decided to purchase a duffle bag for the souvenirs we bought along the way. 
Here's a picture of them. 

We continued our walk among many stores and vendors and I found myself in a jewelry store, known for its Venetian glass. I bought this cute bracelet for myself and a small necklace for Maddie. We both left happy! 
We had no agenda and walked around throughout the day. We soon found a place to enjoy snacks and a drink. It was exactly what was needed while Maddie napped. The sunshine was perfect and the view was priceless. 
After our snacks, we found a gondola and checked off an item from my bucket list. Caleb was extremely happy to check this off of his wish list, too, as this was the "only" thing he wanted to do in Venice. 
We loved the gondola tour! 
Here's Madison and I with the gondola driver/guide. 

When we finished up with our tour we wandered a bit more and then took the items we bought back to the apartment and found our way to dinner. The restaurant was great, but I wasn't in love with the calamari pasta dish I ordered. I shouldn't have gone out of my comfort zone, but I did, and can now say I tried it!   
When in Venice, drink German beer. 
After dinner, not much was left open (it wasn't even 9pm yet). We had planned on eating gelato, but the shop we had visited was closed. So, we pouted as we walked back to our apartment. 

When we arrived, the kids and I got our showers and I packed up our suitcases for tomorrow. I then laid down with Maddie as she went to sleep and then made my way back to the living room and played cards with the family past midnight. 

We had a wonderful day and truly enjoyed the sunshine and beauty. 

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