Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 286: UN Lunch Day

This morning Daniel and I got the kids off to school and made our way into work.  He received a phone call as we were walking out the door, so we arrived a little later than we had hoped for.  Once there, the day flew by.  I didn't get half of the things checked off my "to-do" list, but there's always tomorrow!

Daniel left around lunch time to go to Caleb's school.  He helped out in the classroom during the school's United Nations (UN) potluck lunch day.  The idea was to represent your country by a dish of food.  What exactly does one send for America?  I had planned on doing Mac and Cheese, but another parent beat me to it.  Instead, I prepared brownies and sent carrots with ranch dressing.  Daniel said they had Chinese Dumplings, Korean dishes, Polish ice cream and so much more.  There were so many desserts, the kids were loving it!  The ice cream was definitely the biggest hit!
Caleb said he really enjoyed his day and mentioned that he loved having his dad there for lunch.  Daniel was able to see a little bit into Caleb's day too, which was nice.  Once Caleb got home, he showered, ate dinner, and then struggled through a writing assignment.  Hopefully, tomorrow won't be as painful.

Maddie had a great day and talked about her friend at school.  They celebrated her friend's birthday today so Maddie was able to eat a couple pieces of cake with her class.  Her teacher said that she wanted more cake and she was upset when it was all gone.  Maddie told me that her chocolate cake was delicious and then she told me the cake was red and white.  We talked about her day and she laughed as she gave me details.  Overall, she did great and really enjoyed herself today.
"Look at my face!" 

This evening things went well.  Daniel worked a little later and I got the kids bathed and supper fixed.  Afterwards, the kids tormented him until bedtime.  We had a great night overall and we're looking forward to an even busier day tomorrow.


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