Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 283: A Relaxing Saturday Catching Up

This morning Maddie slept in until 8am and got up in a great mood. We all made our way downstairs and Daniel began cooking breakfast.  

We lounged around a lot of the day and I was able to clean and organize Caleb's room. I started with the office and did most of it but I got sidetracked by a toddler. 

I spent a little bit of time reviewing some writing with Caleb and also listened to him read for 30 minutes.  

We caught up on laundry, dishes, and a few other house chores and then ordered pizza for dinner. We then turned on football and began watching some of the  games. Georgia came on at 9:30 so we began watching that as soon as we were able. 

It's been cold here this past week and it'll only get colder. It's been nice having a fire going! Daniel loves doing it, and I love having it. Once it goes down where it's almost out Maddie will say open the door so he can add wood. It's pretty cute. Maddie also likes to ask us to take her shirt off because she's so hot. 
This is her making faces at me tonight. 

We've had a great day overall. 


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