Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 293: Venice and Florence

This morning we woke up and got all of our luggage packed and left for breakfast. We found a great coffee bar in Saint Mark's Square and we stopped there to enjoy crossiants and cappuccino. 
We walked down by the water and shopped for souvenirs. We shortly boarded our boat and made our way down to the train station. 
When we arrived to the train station we checked out bags and found a place to eat lunch. We walked down a few ally ways and came to a quaint area with a few restaurants and enjoyed a lovely lunch. We had various types of pasta and salad, and enjoyed some wine and a lot of water. It was quite warm outside, which was so nice since the sun is hiding from Warsaw. 
After lunch we made our way to the train station and waited on our train. Once it arrived, we found our seats and got prepared for the two hours we had to go. 

The train ride was nice, and Maddie took a nice nap. We arrived a little later than expected, but we found our way through the station and took a taxi to our apartment. 
Once we arrived we put our luggage where it needed to be and asked the landlord where a good place to get steak florentine was. He told us, so we took a taxi there. 

When we got to the restaurant, Perseus, I noticed the Polish pottery on the tables. It was a nice surprise. The original waiter, I say that because he sold us everything and then never came back, recommend some of their popular dishes and which vegetables would go best with them. 
As you enter the restaurant you could see all of the meat in the case as well as the cheese and vegetables. I knew I couldn't face it (thanks to my slaughter house childhood), and I knew deep down they wouldn't cook my steak how I wanted it. After ordering the food, I asked the question of how well the steak could be cooked and the man replied, "it's only cooked to rare." I was disappointed, and banked on eating a lot of vegetables and bread.
When the steak came, the guys were happy to see the anount of steak being offered, and Rhonda and I were excited to take it home and cook it some more. I did try a few bites and it was good, but it was pretty raw and that's definitely not for me. 
The men ate a feast and the rest of us soaked in the atmosphere. At least the wine was delicious! I wouldn't trade the atmosphere or experience with anything, but I can't help that I want the food cooked the way I want. That's just the American in me. 
After dinner we took a taxi back to the apartment and took showers and got ready for the next day. Rhonda cooked up the steak that we took back and we ate some of the steak from dinner, cooked to our preference. It was pretty tasty! 

We decided to call it a night since it was so late, and I crashed as I was getting Maddie down. 

We have a big day tomorrow, but we have definitely enjoyed Italy so far. 

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