Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 281 and 282: Maddie's Preschool Celebration and Parent/Teacher Conferences

I didn't do the blog last night so I'm putting both Thursday and Friday together.

On Thursday Daniel had training, so he wasn't around for the morning.  Maddie woke up early and we got dressed for her big day.  She had a ceremony at preschool.  In the very beginning, she came into the room crying because she didn't want to wear the hat all of the kids were wearing.  The group then sang and danced to a few songs and then they were given a certificate.  Maddie managed to dance to one song, but stood still with a mad face throughout the rest.  She was the first one to get a certificate, so once she had it she came to us and sat down.  She had a good time and loved the giraffe she received as a gift.
Caleb had a good day at school and was looking forward to the long weekend.  He played in the basement with Anna and Maddie until we were home and then enjoyed some dinner and free time.

Thursday evening I participated in a wine and cheese night hosted by the Ambassador's wife.  I went with a friend of mine and we met up with a lot of other friends there.  We had a great time meeting a lot of the newer people and we enjoyed the grand tour of the property.  It was so big!  We finished up with a few snacks and then made our way home.  I enjoyed the day, but it was definitely a long one!

On Friday, we didn't rush out first thing in the morning, but we were up fairly early.  Caleb was spending the day at a friend's house because the elementary school was out today.  He was so excited when he learned he was going over and couldn't wait to go and play.  I got to hear about all of the cool toys he played with along with how much fun they had outside.

Maddie had a great day at school, but had a few accidents.  She napped well and played well with her friends.  She didn't care to go to school this morning, but was great once I dropped her off.

Daniel had a few things to do today and I had a parent/teacher conference I had to attend during lunch.  The meeting went well and I'm thankful for a teacher who seems to care about Caleb.  We reviewed Caleb's latest scores and talked about a few improvements Caleb could focus on.  Overall, I received great feedback and was also told how social Caleb is.  He definitely has no issues with his "fitting in" here and seems to be doing extremely well!

Once I got back to work I joined my boss at Spain's National Day.  We went for a little while and met up with some people we had met a few times before.  It is always so nice getting out of the office!  It's incredible how many people you see when you go to an event, but it's even better when you see some of the same faces.  It was so much fun and I love tagging along to those.

Daniel and I headed towards home to pick up Caleb from his friend's house and to also get Maddie from daycare.  We then fixed dinner and spent the night having free time.  I watched some of my favorite TV shows (they all come on on Friday) and Caleb enjoyed playing his iPad and watching some TV as well.
We have nothing planned for the weekend, and I couldn't be happier!  Goodnight.

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