Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 287: Spilled Milk and Craziness

This morning was beyond crazy. I overslept and reacted all morning. Thankfully, everyone made it out of the door alive, including the toddler who decided to paint with her hands and milk on the coffee table. In her defense, the Cheerios weren't great, and the table needed some love; clearly spilled milk was the solution.  Although we didn't cry over the spilled milk, she threw a tantrum over not getting candy. 

Also, I didn't have much cash on hand so I had to dig up change for the grocery order that was scheduled to come. Money's money, right? Even when you are paying over 20 PLN in small change. 

Daniel missed all of the fun and left around 5am. I'm slightly jealous, although I'm learning, without the sunrise until after 7am now, I don't like waking up in the morning. The fall we wanted to enjoy never came, and instead we received winter. 

Caleb had a great day at school and enjoyed seeing Daniel at the end of the day. Daniel was there to help set up for UN Day tomorrow, so Caleb was able to partake in that. 

Maddie had a good day, but she was hyper when she got home and especially hyper before bedtime. She fought her sleep for well over an hour. 

My day has been endless, but I've learned that I thrive in crazy. We have a busy day planned tomorrow, so maybe I can snap a few photos! 


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