Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 291: Touring Milan and Venice

This morning we woke up around 7:30 and got ready for our ride to the bus stop. The people we rented the apartment from met us out front and took us to where we needed to be. 

We boarded our bus for a 45 minute ride into Milan. There is apparently a Big Expo going on known as "The World Fair." We now understand why it was so hard to find a place to stay in Milan!! 

Once we arrived in Milan we were dropped off by the train station. We enjoyed a quick breakfast and found the metro so we could go to the city center. 

We finally located a metro map and found out the way. When we arrived we walked up the steps to the Doumo. There were SO many people, but we walked to an area where we could take a photo. It was such an amazing site. 
Rhonda and I then walked through a close by area and did a little bit of window shopping. Some of the prices weren't as terrible as I thought they'd be. We didn't get anything from the city of Milan, but we had a great time going and seeing the Doumo. 
We finally made our way back to the metro and boarded our train to Venice. It was approximately 2 hours and we got to see some amazing sites along the way. I think for at least 30 minutes straight we saw nothing but grape vines on each side. Such happiness. 
Maddie fought her sleep most of the way, but she finally gave it up with 30 minutes or so left. She was tired!!

When we got off, we found the person we were supposed to meet up with and made our way to our apartment by boat and foot. That boat part was amazing, the walking as holding a kid and pulling suitcases, not so much. 

We got in, checked out all of our internet stuff, and got what we needed for supper. We received a recommendation for a restaurant off the beaten path and we decided to try that tomorrow night.  

The walk there was so nice. The weather is slightly dreary, but we made our way there without many issues or breakdowns. 
We decided to eat at a pizzeria that also had various other dishes. I enjoyed eggplant parmesan and Maddie finished off an entire plate of spaghetti bolognese. She loved it!! We topped off dinner with gelato and then picked up some items from the mini market. 
We came back to the apartment and took our showers and enjoyed each other's company. Overall, we had a great day and night and we cannot wait to see more of Venice tomorrow. 

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