Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 289: Nana and Poppy Are Here

This morning we began our day by getting everyone up and out of the door. Daniel and I did a last minute clean up session to get the house somewhat in order. Rhonda and Kim were on their last leg of flying and would arrive around to Warsaw around noon. 

Daniel and I made it to work and began our crazy day. Daniel had planned to leave early so he could do the airport pickup and I had planned on leaving around 3 after naps and such were taken. 

I went to lunch with some friends from work once Daniel left for the airport. We went to this great hummus bar where I plan to go back to soon! I shortly got a phone call that Daniel was at the house with the family, and didn't have keys to get inside. The only set we owned we're back at work in the car. 

So, after a few failed attempts to find a solution, and Daniel's unsuccessful journey over the back wall, I walked back to work and drove home with the keys. The traffic wasn't great, so it took me about 30-45 minutes to get there. We also had a maintenance man there to clean our furnace so he was waiting on me too. 

Our hot water stopped working the night before, so that's why the man was there to clean the furnace. Yay for great timing!!  

While family napped, I went back to work and Daniel waited on the furnace man to leave. Traffic was equally bad going back so once I got to work I knocked out a few things and then drove back home. 

Daniel went over once the repairman left and got Maddie from school. When Maddie first saw Nana she was a little shy and then said, "it's Nana" and started warming up to her. When Caleb saw Nana and Poppy he gave them a big hug and spent the remainder of his time under his Poppy. 

Once I got home we made our way to Stanja (the Stables) and enjoyed some supper. We had quite the Polish food feast. Potato pancakes and bigos were a large hit! 
We went home afterwards and Kim and Rhonda crashed shortly after. Daniel went back to work and knocked a few things out. We have exciting adventures ahead, so we're off to pack and find sleep! 


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