Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 298: Cruising Around Capri

This morning we woke up earlier than we had planned, but we met up with Nana and Poppy for some breakfast at the hotel. We enjoyed a lot of cappuccino and water, as well as some pastries, fruit, yogurt, cereal, and more. 

After breakfast we checked into our flight for tomorrow evening and decided to take a private tour around Capri before we had to leave. 
We grabbed sandwiches before boarding and sat around the back part of the boat as the tour began. We went to the blue grotto first, and we were the last ones admitted as the tide was getting too high. 
Our boat stopped in an area and we all transferred to a small row boat. The row boat had a guide and he strategically placed us around the boat. We all sat on the bottom of the boat and we had to lie as far down as we could so we could enter the tiny hole to the blue grotto. 
Once we entered the guide went in a circle for us to all see the magical blue water. It was amazing and the perfect shade of blue. It's something I've wanted to do since looking into Capri, so I'm glad I can now say I've done it. 
After the blue grotto we continued around the island of Capri taking in all of its beauty. The scenery was beautiful. We also saw the green grotto and the coral grotto (where the coral is orange along the bottom of the waterline). 
I was so happy to see the ocean and to also be on a boat. It's been too long for both of those things! We eventually enjoyed our sandwiches on the front of the boat along with our drinks. 
We had a fantastic time and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend 2 hours. 

When we got off the boat we made our way to the bathroom and I walked down to the tiny sand area. There, I found a ton of sea glass and got as much as I could as Maddie screamed for her Jessie. 
We changed our ferry tickets to an earlier time and left Capri to tour Naples and have pizza since that is where it was created. When we arrived in Naples, we saw the hop on/off bus but it was only open for one more hour, so it wasn't worth it. We decided to sit down and enjoy some pizza. The pizza was okay, and the service was crappy. To say the least, this wasn't our favorite stop. 
We got a taxi and had him take us all to the train station. We arrived and was welcomed by a lady screaming on the side walk. We made our way in and attempted to change our tickets to an earlier time, but we had no luck. So, we sat on guard with our bags in one of the coffee shops and waited on 2 hours to pass by. 

We eventually made our way to our train and rode an hour back to Rome. We finally made it to our apartment and got the suitcases we had stored while we were gone. Nothing like getting 6 suitcases up a 1 person elevator to the 5th floor. 

We got settled, all checked in, and then gave the kids baths and sent them to bed. The adults joined right behind them as we were all exhausted! 

We have one more afternoon in Rome, and then we end our Italy journey and head back to Warsaw. 

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