Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 290: Traveling to Milan

This morning Maddie was the first one to wake up. 7 am wasn't too early for her, but Daniel and I tried our best to distract her until after 8. We got up then and Daniel took her downstairs while I began putting away clothes. 

After a little while, we cooked breakfast and sent Maddie upstairs to wake Nana and Poppy up. We ate and then began packing. 

We bought a set of smaller suitcases last week and stuffed those. They were perfect and I'm sad we haven't used them sooner. Hopefully they'll make it through our journey. We each have one, and a checked bag for the goodies we buy. We definitely have a lot of luggage when you look at our group, but one bag per person is quite the accomplishment for us. 

Around 2 we departed the house and rode the bus and metro just to get on another bus that took us to the airport 45 minutes away. Maddie squeezed in a quick nap while watching Aladin. The airport was tiny, but the food we had from the restaurant inside was amazing. Definitely no complaints there! 
We boarded shortly after supper and had actually paid $2 per ticket to board "priority." Best money spent - ever. With the suitcases we carried on (just like every other European) we managed to get our cabin space and settle in for our two hour flight ahead of everyone else. This was the first time we flew with Ryan Air and we were very happy with the overall service.

When we landed we made our way out of the airport and met the driver who took us to our apartment. 

When we arrived we immediately noticed the fruit on the table. Maddie couldn't wait and helped herself to a banana as she toured all of the rooms. We each had a bed, despite the hardness of our mattresses. 

After a bottle of Pinot and a separate bottle of orange juice, we called it a night. 

We will be touring Milan tomorrow, so we can't wait!

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