Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 277: Pumpkin Fun!

This morning we slept in a little late but got up once Maddie was up. We then started getting ready for church. We all had an incredibly hard time finding our way out of the house. We had multiple breakdowns and all. It would have been easier to say we're not going, but we pushed through that and finally made it there! 

The service was great and the kids had a fantastic time. Maddie enjoyed her class and Caleb seemed to have enjoyed his. Maddie was so jealous of a girl who Caleb hugged. She screamed and ran up to Caleb saying, "my Caleb!" Maddie hugged him for a minute afterwards and then ran away to do something else. She was a mess!

After church we fellowshipped for a little while and then left to go eat lunch. We came home to eat so Maddie could take a nap afterwards. She finally crashed and slept for a while. 

When she woke up we went to a friend's house to decorate pumpkins. We painted and used stickers, and then socialized and played in the street afterwards. It was so nice soaking in the sunshine and seeing all of the kids play together. 
When we got home we got everyone cleaned up, showered, and then in bed. Daniel and I stayed up late making reservations for our next trip! 


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