Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 314: Monday, Again.

This morning Daniel had to leave to go to work early and the kids and I snuggled in a little longer than we should have.  Caleb overslept a little bit and Maddie didn't want to get up.  I slept in longer than I should have, but showered and got myself and Maddie ready while Caleb took care of his stuff.  He got away with taking an easy lunch so he didn't have to worry about too much this morning besides eating breakfast.

At work I stayed busy making travel plans for a few people and getting payroll stuff filed away, and of course more busy political stuff.  It's never ending in that office.  Daniel had medical training this morning at the Marine house and loved telling me all about it.  It was actually interesting to hear about and it gave me a chance to freshen up on what I had once learned.

I've also been stressed with buying Christmas and figuring all of that out for everyone.  We have to ship presents by November 15th in order for them to arrive to post on time, so I'm trying to get the big ones out of the way so I can breathe a little.  This deadline also means I have to mail out packages very soon in order for them to get to where they need to go on time.  Hopefully, I can buy what I need to this weekend and ship everything next week.  I hate planning all of this out in November, but at least that part will be over come December!

The kids had great days at school.  Caleb managed to lose his French workbook, so once he finds that he'll have quite a bit of French homework to tackle.  Caleb is also working on a fun project in Art and he was excited to tell us about that process.  Maddie continues to play well with her peers, but she doesn't like going in when outside time is over.

Once Daniel and I got home, I prepared dinner and Caleb helped me set the table.  We enjoyed some chicken and broccoli and before we knew it, it was bedtime.  The kids and I got our showers out of the way, and then I laid down and read a story with Maddie.  She still adores her princesses, so that's what we read.  Daniel tucked Caleb in and then took his own shower. 

Since there is a lot going on and Daniel has been nonstop, he made his way back into work for the evening.  He needed to work on a few more things, but he's definitely had a long day.

Overall, Monday wasn't too bad!

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