Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 305: Happy Halloween

This Halloween morning Rhonda and I woke up and did a little more pottery shopping while the men and children stayed at home.  We were hosting the Marines later that evening, so we needed to be back by mid afternoon to get the food put together and the house in order.

Rhonda and I went to Impreja and looked at all of the different patterns of pottery along with all of the furniture and folk art pieces.  This place is special because there is always something different!  This place also has one of my favorite patterns, so it's one of my favorite places to go when I have time.

After Impreja we left and went to one more store.  Here, we found a few more things we couldn't live without and made our final pottery purchases of their visit.  We made our way to the grocery store next, and then made our way to the house.

When we got there we threw the final things together and got the kids dressed into their costumes.  Maddie chose to go as Snow White and Caleb went as a Headless Boy.  This was the first time Rhonda and Kim had ever trick or treated with us, so it was fun having family walk around and see the surrounding neighborhoods, especially in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween. 
At the end of the night, we made our way back home and hung out with the only couple who showed up.  The others didn't care to come, but we enjoyed hanging out with smiley and his girlfriend.  They handed out candy as we walked the kids around, so they loved that, too.  We turned the football game on and began watching the GA vs. FL game.  This was a terrible night of football for GA and soon it faded into the background as we played cards.
We had a great time overall and really enjoyed having Nana and Poppy with us.  

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