Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 318: Ballerinas and Musicians

This morning Daniel and I got the kids ready for school and managed to get out of the door on time with coffee in hand. 

We both had fairly busy days, but I left around 3:30 to get the kids and he had to stay late and work. 

When Caleb got home he told me all about his day and then talked to me about his music class. He's been playing the recorder and today, within 30 minutes, he said he earned 4 "belts" and couldn't wait to go back next week. 
Maddie had a great day, too. She has been terrified of horses since this time last year, but each Friday her class goes to the stables and today she decided she wanted to ride a pony. She put the helmet on and sat on the pony for a minute, and then said she was done. She's definitely come a long way over the last year. 

I went ahead and gave Maddie an early bath and she asked to dress up like a ballerina so I told her I would find the tutu. Caleb actually located it, but she put it on and instantly started dancing. She posed and smiled, and loved every minute of it. I'm in so much trouble with this one!

After baths we had dinner and then free time. Daniel got home a little after 8 and then ate and put Maddie to bed. We've had a great day overall, but I'm glad it's over. We have a lot to do this weekend, so I'm hoping to wake up with a bit more energy. 


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