Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 324: Long Days Ahead

This morning Daniel woke up sick. I took care of getting Maddie dressed and downstairs as he got himself ready for the day. He thinks it's something he ate, as opposed to something shared from Maddie. 

Caleb was downstairs and was in a mood to argue over every little thing. He ended up losing his iPad for a few days for talking back. Maddie pitched a fit because she needed to be fed from a particular spot, not where I was at that moment. Needless to say, the morning was terrible. I seriously debated on calling in for a mental health day! 

The kids made their way to school and I drove Daniel and myself to work. We arrived and got busy with everything we had on our list. Daniel finished up his inspection and then made his way out for some other afternoon activities. 

I had planned on going to lunch with Daniel and the guys but that fell through since they didn't leave until after 2. It was a really long afternoon, so I was glad to come home to the kiddos. 

I decided to cook breakfast for supper. It used to be my favorite growing up and the kids really enjoyed it too. Maddie and Caleb ate everything I prepared and then took baths and got ready for bed. 

Overall we had a good day, even though bits and pieces weren't the best. 

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