Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 311: It's Friday, It's Friday

We made it to Friday, woo hoo!  Nothing spectacular happened today, but we all woke up on time and in great moods.  Daniel and I got the kids off to school and then made our way into work.  It's been busy overall for us both, but we're taking it all in stride.

I left during lunch to have my hair done.  I will be doing my hair myself for the ball tomorrow, so I needed a fresh color and cut.  I was able to knock that out, come back to work for a bit, and then leave so Daniel could take Caleb to the dentist.

Caleb's day at school went well.  The American school played the British school in soccer and all of the kids were present and wearing red to support them.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it!  Caleb's dental appointment went well and he made it through without getting in too much trouble from his dentist.  She tightened his retainer and explained to Daniel how it would need to go every 7 days.  Hopefully, his retainer can go sooner than later (hopefully before we leave).

After work, Maddie and I went to a friend's house and I looked at a few extra dresses she had ordered.  After trying on numerous styles, I decided I liked a particular black dress and needed it for the ball.  While I tried on gowns, Maddie and her girls played with dolls and toys.  They were so sweet together.  Maddie has really come a long way (coming out of her shell), and it's nice to see it with people who she doesn't get to see very often.

I left with my gown and went home to watch a little tv and relax.  I love Friday night because 1) it's the weekend and 2) I have a few shows that come on and I get to watch them without worrying about staying up late.  Thankfully, Daniel and the kids don't mind too much and I get a little peace without too much crazy.

We have a lot going on this weekend, but we're excited nonetheless!

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