Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 312: Happy 240th Birthday, Marines

This morning we woke up and began getting ready for the day we had ahead.  I took a shower and did my hair while Daniel was here.  He had to leave around noon to begin getting ready for his big night, so I took advantage of the time before he left.  The Marines have been working hard on this event for quite some time, so I was excited to see it finally come together.

I put Maddie down for a nap and then put my makeup on and tried on three different dresses once more so I could be sure the one I had decided to wear was the right choice.  I then put on jeans and finished getting ready and getting all of my accessories together.

Once Anna arrived, I left the kids and went to my friend's house.  She needed a curling iron and hairspray, so I was to the rescue (I usually don't have hairspray, so I was proud I had it on hand).  I decided to go ahead and get into my dress at her house and we helped each other out with opinions of what to wear and not wear.  I loved this, because last year I had to wing it alone, and as any girl knows, it's so much more fun getting dressed with someone else.

I left her house and departed for another friend's house.  When I arrived she was still getting ready and I made a few last minute touchups to my makeup.  Once her date arrived, we drank some champagne, toasted to the night, admired her patio, and then made our way to the hotel where the ball was being hosted.

Once we arrived, we checked our coats and bags and I found my Marine in the receiving line.  I said hello (as did he) and I gave all of the Marines a hug as I was greeted.  I then found my way around the room to say hello to various friends.  It was so nice seeing everyone all dressed up.  We have such a good group of friends here - I'm definitely going to miss it when we leave!

We eventually made our way to our tables and the ceremony began.  The birthday message was played, and then Daniel was up on the stage along with the narrator.  I didn't get to spend much time with him, but that was expected.  I ate dinner, took pictures with the Marines, and then made my way to the dance floor to the 70s, 80s, and 90s music.  We had so much fun dancing.  I haven't done that in so long and I needed it.  Before I knew it, it was well after midnight and time to find my way home.
(Photo of a photo!)
The ball ended at 1am so I left a little before to relieve the sitter, and Daniel stayed so he could clean up after the ceremony.  He got home around 2:30, and we watched the LSU and Alabama game for about 10 minutes before giving up.  We didn't have a dog in the fight, so we didn't stay up for it.  By 3am we made our way to bed!

We had such a great night and it was so much fun hanging out with our State Department friends celebrating the Marines who guard our post.  Happy 240th birthday, Marines!  Semper Fi!!

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