Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 307 - 310: Getting Back to Normal

This week (Monday through Thursday) we spent the time trying to recover from our previous vacation, but also catch back up on normal routines.  We had to get our sleeping back on track, as well as our chores.  Rhonda and Kim flew out first thing Monday morning and the kids, especially Caleb, was upset to see them go.  I truly think FaceTime has worked wonders, as Maddie picked up with them as soon as they got here, and again when they got back home.

Caleb did great at getting to school and keeping everything together.  He began swimming this week, so he'll be doing lessons for the next two months during his PE class.  He seems to enjoy it so far and hasn't said much else about it.  On Tuesday Caleb realized he had lost his retainer, so I called and cancelled his dental appointment, and thankfully he found it on Thursday.  Well, someone found it and turned it into the office, and his teacher kindly told me one had been turned in once I emailed him about it missing.  I'm glad it's back and hopefully that will be the last scare for a while.  

Maddie has done very well, but has been fussy in the mornings.  She'll wake up and immediately demand cereal.  She is so funny and has such a large personality.  She is a mess and constantly has us laughing at something.  She loves pulling down on her face, looking at you and saying, "Look at my face."  She then laughs and waits on you to do it back to her.  She adjusted well going back to school and had no problems going right back to her teachers.
Daniel and I focused on the things we needed to catch up on with work.  Daniel is hosting the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this weekend, so he's been crazy busy with getting all of that in order and making sure everything is how it should be at the hotel and with the guests who are coming.  He also has a training event coming up along with an inspection, so we'll be quite busy in November.

We prepared our lunches and dinners for the week on Monday since we had all of the chicken we cooked up on Halloween still available.  We were able to create healthy side dishes to go along with it all.  Our bodies had to detox for the ball and have a few days with very few carbs!

This week was challenging in multiple ways, but overall everything went well and we got back on track quite nicely.

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