Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 316: Happy Veteran's and Independence Day

This morning we all slept in a little longer than normal.  The embassy and schools were closed today in observation of Poland's Independence Day.  Daniel had training to do, so he had to work, but the kids and I were able to rest and catch up on some things around the house.

Caleb and Maddie lounged around this morning and watched cartoons while I threw together some food items.  I put together a chicken dish in the crockpot and started that, and then I made one of the Marines a cheesecake for his birthday per his request.  Hopefully, he'll enjoy it!

Once I finished up that fun, I hung out with Caleb and Maddie.  We played in the living room and read books.  I fixed the kiddos sandwiches with sides and Maddie ate half of it before lying on the floor with Elmo on the iPad and eventually falling asleep.

Because of the time of her nap on the floor (it was almost 1) I decided to give her about five minutes and then take her upstairs to her bed so she could get her nap out.  Daniel was coming home soon, and I didn't want the opening and closing of doors to wake her.  I moved her upstairs and she cuddled up to her lovey.  As soon as I made it back downstairs, I heard her crying.  I gave her a few minutes and then she came out of her room.  I went back up, tried to get her back to sleep, but instead we had conversations about apple juice and princesses.

After 30 minutes or so I let her get up, because at that point I was done and she was not going back to sleep.  Caleb got dressed and then went down the street to play with his friends.  Maddie and I played with her dolls and Daniel showed up shortly after that.  She was in a talkative mood when he arrived, so that was nice for him.

I spent a few hours during the afternoon editing pictures and uploading them to my hard drive to free up disk space on my computer.  It's a painful process, but I'm getting there!  Luckily, I did more than I had planned, so I'm hoping to get the most recent pictures from our Italy trip and all off my camera and uploaded to Shutterfly for sharing.

This evening was okay overall, but Maddie was pretty ill.  Caleb made it back and got his stuff together for school tomorrow and Maddie pitched a fit about various things.  She was also in a mood to tell Daniel and I no, so that got her in trouble, too.  After supper, she received a bath, Caleb showered, and both kids were put to bed.

At this point, Daniel is doing some research on his computer, and I'm still uploading pictures and writing this post. 
Finally, I would like to wish a happy Veteran's Day to all of our military branches, and a special thank you to my family members, including Daniel, who have served in various wars for our freedom.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you did, whether you wanted to or not (due to the draft, I know a few didn't have a choice).

We're off to bed shortly (or I am at least) so goodnight and God bless!

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