Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 152: Vienna, Day 2!

This morning began early thanks to someone who apparently despises sleep. She was up and going around 7 and woke up everyone who tried to remain asleep. 

We made our way to the kitchen and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast. After that we got ready for our day of more sightseeing. 

Our friend Laura and her friend Easton took us around to a few more sites. One of those were of Schonbrunn Palace. This place was beautiful! We did an apple strudel show and watched how each dessert was made. The best part was watching them stretch out the dough. It got incredibly thin and seemed to have an elastic texture. It was very cool. 
When we left we made our way back to the first district and grabbed some lunch. We then found a spot in the park and did an impromptu picnic. The kids had fun playing in the grass and running around. 
We made our way back to the house and then got ready for dinner. We were taken to one of Laura's favorite places where we ordered a variety of food. Caleb loved his hotdog stuffed with cheese and Maddie was content with some pasta.

After dinner the boys went to play softball and the girls stayed back. I put Maddie to bed but she was up in no time refusing to go back to sleep. It was a long night to say the least. 

Caleb came home feeling a bit rough. His throat is really bothering him and he is not feeling the best. I really hope it's due to the weather change and it's just allergies. 

We had a great day and we hate that we'll be leaving so soon. 

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