Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 179: Restful Sundays

Caleb spent the night with a friend and Maddie woke up at 8. Overall, our morning wasn't too bad. We were able to start on a few chores and lounge around. 

We met friends for lunch and got Caleb back. We talked a bit and enjoyed the summer day. It was finally warm with sunshine. 

After lunch we all came home and cleaned up some more and tried to rest. Maddie took a nap and Daniel and I watched a little bit of TV. 

Once Maddie was awake we FaceTimed Rhonda. She got to see Maddie showing off and finding empty Easter eggs. She also found the two chocolate bunnies that were in hiding. Maddie played with her doll and her doctor kit, too and was so funny jibber jabbering. 
This is her staring at her baby. It was hilarious. She went from smiling at it to giving it an intense stare down. 
Loving on her baby. 

After dinner, we got Maddie out of her high hair and she went to play. Daniel and I were cleaning up and Maddie was in the living room. After a few minutes Daniel saw what she was doing. She had unwrapped the bunny and was eating its ears. 
She was so proud. She was bouncing in the chair as she ate it so we felt like she had eaten more than enough. 

The kids took baths shortly after dinner and went to bed. Maddie fought going to sleep this evening. She was not interested in it at all. After an hour or so, she finally gave it up. 

Now it's my turn to crash. We have a busy week ahead of us! Goodnight all. 

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