Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 156: Sick Girls

Today started a little slow because Maddie didn't sleep very well last night, which means we didn't sleep well either. Eventually, I got Maddie off to daycare and we dropped Caleb off at a friend's house because he was out of school today. 

I have been feeling pretty crappy for the last few days so I decided to go by the medical unit. I discovered that I have bronchitis, and there's nothing to do but let it run its course. I got some allergy medicine in case it's bronchitis and allergy crud. Madison has also had a runny nose and discharge coming from her eyes. While I was seeing the doctor I mentioned her symptoms and he gave me some eye drops to give her. She looks so pitiful, so I hope this helps her. 

Caleb had a blast today with his friends. He ate at a new place and loved it. It's all we've heard about. He also went to a playground and enjoyed some water activities. 
After work we all went to the dreaded grocery store and to the pharmacy. I hope to sleep in tomorrow before our busy afternoon kicks in. 

I'm hopeful tonight will be better than last night, but we'll see what Miss Priss has to say about that. 

Daniel has been pretty tired, too. At 7:30 we both laid down with Maddie. I read her a few books and we loved on her. By 7:45 both she and Daniel were out cold. Maybe I'll leave them both in her room tonight. 

Goodnight all. 

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