Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 154: Back to Normal

This morning started off pretty good. No major meltdowns and we were out the door on time. I took Maddie to school and Caleb caught the bus to his school. Daniel and I then left for work. 

When we got to work we got lost in a world of emails and to do lists, but at lunch time we decided to go for a run. It only took 11 years for me to agree to do this with him. I hate being vulnerable and not being "good enough" at something. I'm definitely not good at running, but I hope I can learn to enjoy it. We had a good time and after our little run we went back to the embassy gym and did a bit more. It was a nice way to spend lunch. The weather was perfect!

Caleb had swimming today in school. He had a test to see how fast he could swim and he said it felt like he swam for 3 miles. He's so funny. He also took a math test with his teacher. 

Maddie enjoyed the park and some outside time at school. She played hard! She went to bed around 7:30pm and wanted Mama to read her a book. She got 5 out of me. She loves her "llama, llama" books. When I finished reading she rolled over to face me, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. She can be so sweet sometimes. 
Caleb continued to work on his projects about the rain forest. He has had a difficult time staying on task with them all. 
After cleaning up a bit and putting groceries and other items away, Daniel and I went to bed. We're beat! 

Goodnight all. 

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