Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 159: Definitely Monday

Today began kind of slow for me. Daniel stood duty last night and Maddie didn't sleep well, which means I didn't sleep well. We kept waking each other up with our coughing. Thankfully, Daniel was off at 6 and home to help by 6:45. 

I took Madison to daycare and then drove to work. Once there, my boss asked what I was doing. I replied with working.  Since some of our office staff was still on leave, I felt like I needed to be there. She, however, didn't see it that way. During our meeting she began with, "Jessica, you have until 11 and then you're out of here. Go home and rest." I replied with yes ma'am and that was that. 

I went to the medical unit after our meeting because my symptoms have gotten worse. I received some medicine and a fun inhaler. He said it was better to be safe than sorry in case it's not bronchitis, so I'm now on medicine for a few days. I'm hopeful that it will help sooner than later. 

I left around 11:45 and came home to nap. Thankfully, I was able to rest until Caleb got home. At that point I got a call from daycare stating that Madison was running a fever so I needed to pick her up. Once I got there she latched on to me and refused to let me out of sight for most of the night. 
Caleb read this book to her and then she read it to him. Too sweet. 

Daniel had to work later than planned so I cooked dinner. He came in to help with the last bit and was also able to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy. 
After dinner we got the kids bathed and in bed. Daniel is already asleep and I hope to join sleepy land soon. 

Goodnight all. 

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