Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 172: Happy Father's Day

This morning Maddie greeted us with her presence around 7am. I got up with her and began to play. She and Caleb had fun doing arts and crafts and made Daniel a Father's Day painting. 
Once Daniel was up we enjoyed breakfast and just hung out and played. 

This afternoon we laid around the house and FaceTimed with Nana and Poppy. After that we went to a softball game with all of Caleb's coaches. Daniel hit a homerun and had such a great time!
I was looking for four leaf clovers (and found one) and Maddie was trying to find the ladybug that she had just seen. She referred to it as a "widdle bug." 

When we got home I was able to talk to my mom and dad for a bit. The kids talked their ears off. Maddie kept talking and saying words to them and then she'd laugh when they acknowledged her. It was so nice talking with them and hearing the babies talk to them, too. 

Overall we had a good day and I'm pretty sure Daniel had a pretty great Father's Day. 


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