Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 173: Back to Monday

This morning was nice. Maddie was still asleep when Daniel and I got up and we were able to get dressed without fighting with her. Caleb slept in through his alarm clock, too. 

After we got dressed and got almost everything ready to go, I tried to wake Maddie up. She smiled at me and then rolled over and said, "sleep." She tucked her knees underneath her and then closed her eyes. She didn't get to go back to sleep and she was also in a good mood while getting dressed. She's been very independent lately so she likes getting dressed herself. 

Caleb got off to school great and had a great day. He practiced for sports day in PE and practiced a relay race. He also got to ride home with his friend. He played with him for a little while and then we picked him up to run errands and grab supper. 

We enjoyed pizza at a new place. It was pretty good overall and the kids had a good time. Once home, we got the kids ready for bed. 

It's been a very busy day and I'm definitely enjoying the fact that I'm in bed by 9. 

She loves to scream "carry you" from the bottom of the steps. 9 times out of 10, this is what she gets. 

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