Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 162: Baseball and Sunshine

This morning Daniel left early for training and Maddie woke up with him (5am).  She didn't want to go back to sleep, but finally did for a bit longer.  She slept long enough for me to get ready.  She soon woke up and I got her ready.  She was ready to go downstairs and find Caleb.

When we got downstairs she refused to be put down.  She whined for cereal, candy, and anything else she could think of.  The bus soon pulled up for Caleb and Maddie and I watched him through the window.  At that point she extended her little arm and said bye Geeduh.  I then took her to daycare and she smiled when she saw her teacher.

I went in to work and had a busy and productive day.  I was selected for a big project that's coming up so I could't be more excited.  I'll share more when the time is closer, but I was pretty ecstatic.  Daniel and I tried a new place for lunch called Bobby Burgers.  It was pretty great for a Poland Cheeseburger.  We sat outside because the weather was amazing.  Warsaw got a perfect amount of sunshine today.

We got home and headed straight to Caleb's baseball practice.  Madison and I decided to go with the boys tonight and hang out with our friends.  The weather was too nice to just sit inside.  She was a little moody because she was so tired, but overall she did great.  She played on the slide and climbed up and down the steps.

Caleb's team won tonight so that was very exciting!  He was thrilled and played very well.  He's really getting better and loves playing baseball with his friends.

Here's the menu from lunch. Hilarious. 

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