Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 161: An Eventful Wednesday

This morning was a little better because Maddie slept through most of the night.  She did make her way to our room at some point, but she didn’t toss and turn or cry out like she had been.  Daniel stayed home with her today so I could work.  Thankfully, she was feeling a lot better and he was able to spend the morning with her and then take her to daycare prior to lunchtime.  She hadn’t coughed or had a runny nose, so that was major progress for her. 


Caleb had a great day at school and went swimming with his class.  He did so well he managed to tear a hole in his swim cap!  He has been doing so well in school and is growing up on us so fast.  He and Maddie are playing better together and she definitely enjoys her "Geeduh" doing whatever she wants.  She loves doing “ring around the rosy” with him, as well as jumping off objects with his assistance.  They have turned into quite the duo.


Caleb cut the grass tonight. This was the first time he's ever done it and he did a great job!

His audience.

After dinner, grass cutting, and outside fun the kids got ready for bed. Maddie read books with her daddy. She was so tired! 

Since I've been feeling much better and Daniel was able to take most of the day to watch the kids, I went to an event with work this evening. It was very last minute, but I'm so glad I went. 

The British celebrated the Queen's birthday and threw quite the party. This event was spectacular and I celebrated with both Pimm's and fish and chips. My boss, who has British ties, was able to tell me everything I needed to know about their food and drinks. The food I had was delicious and made me miss Dockside and Chowder Ted's even more. 

We took our photo with Queen Elizabeth (the cutout). 

I had such a great time. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this. 

Once I got home, Daniel and I caught up with each others night. We traded stories and talked until Maddie woke up crying. 

Hopefully we'll all rest well tonight because I know we're all tired!

Goodnight all.

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