Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 181: Busy Day = No Pictures

Before you even begin, if you're here for the pictures, there aren't any.  Today happened at full speed.  This morning I didn't get to capture Madison screaming at Daniel while he tried to fix Caleb's lunch and our lunch.  I didn't get to get a picture of her screaming at her brother for looking at her, and I didn't get to photograph my sweet 9 year old who refuses to look into a mirror before coming downstairs.  Instead, you get the story of how today went, with as much detail as I can share.

Maddie woke up in a decent mood and Daniel got her dressed.  I stayed upstairs and finished getting ready as he took her downstairs.  As he tried to prepare lunches, she screamed for cereal, grits, and anything else she could think of.  Caleb tried to do something with her and she screamed at him for talking to her.  Seriously, I think she needs coffee or something to start her morning.  She's a little mess!  Caleb did great and got everything he needed done in time to get on the bus.

Daniel and I left for work and made it in to a day full of work.  We have a lot going on this week and we have a lot of planning and meetings because of it.  I stayed at work until 7, but Daniel was able to come home and meet the bus to get Caleb.

Maddie had a bad day at school.  She wouldn't listen and didn't want to clean up or do anything with her class.  At one point she refused to go along with the group, so sat in the floor and took her clothes off.  Daniel said she was much better at home even though she decided to dump an entire bottle of water out of her bath onto the floor.

Caleb had a good day at school today.  He's enjoying his last week and getting in extra play time with his friends.

Daniel FaceTimed Tara this evening once the kids finished up with their baths.  We got the tour of her new house and also got to visit with the kiddos.  All of the kiddos seemed to enjoy it!  When I got home I joined in on the chat and got the tour myself.  We're incredibly jealous of her yard!  It was nice to catch up and hear about how they were doing.

I took the bus home and picked up some strawberries on the way.  I love having fruit at almost every corner!  The strawberries I got were delicious and they were incredibly cheap.  The downside is when a few months roll around and they're not in season, they'll cost a ridiculous amount of money!

Maddie chose a few books and I tucked her in, read to her, and then laid with her until she fell asleep.  Daniel tucked Caleb in and the nightly routines were over.  Our babies are growing up so fast.

After everyone else was taken care of, Daniel and I tried to clean up and get showers.  That didn't happen thanks to having no water.  We won't have water again until 5AM.  I really wish I had remembered this "scheduled outage" because maybe then we could have planned a little better.

Tomorrow will be crazy, so we're hoping for a full night of rest.  Goodnight all.

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