Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 182: Speaker Boehner Visit

This morning I was up and going earlier than usual to plan for the big visit that was coming to Warsaw. The Speaker and 7 other members of Congress were headed to in for the day and they were bringing backup: their spouses. 

I was put as the control officer for the spouse itinerary and worked closely with our CLO team to plan their trip. My job wasn't near as hard as planning the official delegation's, but it was nice to help on both sides and to also receive help when it was needed.  
We decided to take a private tour of Old Town, enjoy lunch and shopping, and then finish at a museum.  It was great and we didn't have any issues. A few even commented on how lovely their trip was and how much they really enjoyed the tour. The military escort said its the best he's had, so I was proud!

From 11-5 the spouses toured the city. After we finished up I left them at the hotel as I went back to work to change, get a few papers, and then head over to the restaurant where they would be having dinner. 

I was the site officer for the restaurant, so I sat around and assisted anyone who needed it and I also handled any requests that were made. I met General Hodges and gave him one of the det. coins on behalf of the Marines. I also got a photo that I haven't received just yet by his side. He was such a sweet guy and it was a pleasure meeting him. 

Throughout the day I got to personally meet the Speaker and other members of Congress. It was a fun and extraordinary experience.  

Daniel, Caleb and Maddie had great days. Maddie loves playing with Easter eggs and dumping them all out into the floor. She spent a little bit of time doing that tonight. 

Here are some pictures throughout the day, beginning of the one I wasn't around for but I am proud of. Unfortunately, there isn't one of the spouses. 
After a long day, I can finally rest. Goodnight all. 

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