Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 191: A Blood Drive and Silliness

This morning was a little slow. Maddie slept in a bit longer than normal and it was hard for me to get up and going. I'm so happy we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. 
We all made it to where we needed to be and had busy days. Daniel and I had signed up for the blood drive and we were able to donate. But because of so many restrictions, more than two-thirds were turned away. The travel restrictions are tough. They even inquired about us being in the US last year. 
I'm not a fan of needles and having my blood drawn by someone who didn't speak English terrified me. But, they handled us all well and we got a goody bag filled with a ton of chocolate at the end. Win, win. 

We picked up the kids and enjoyed a fun night around the house. Maddie had her hair braided again (from school) and she wanted to wear a headband she found. It was too cute. 
Caleb helped with dinner and prepared the sides himself. He had a little help but was proud that he did most of it alone. 

Maddie managed to pull out a ton of toys and found her phone she played with a while ago. For the rest of the night she carried it around and listened to the music. She'd sometimes sing if she knew the tune.
We all hung out for a while and got to bed before it was too late. We're looking forward to a peaceful weekend!


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